Our Story

The Beginning

1991 April

Apex was founded by Raj Kumar Maini (ACCA and ATII) as a sole practitioner on 13 April 1991 with just a handful of clients.

Growth and Expansion


Apex successfully built a strong and loyal client base under the leadership of our founder. Raj was known as the “Magician”, completing work in record-breaking time which enabled him to build Apex to more than 900 clients by the end of 2020 (still as a sole practitioner).

The Transition


Our founding father unfortunately passed away in January 2021. Rohit Maini, Raj’s eldest son, took over the practice overnight. After suffering this major loss, both the team and the clients rallied around to support each other during this transitionary period.

The New Age


Rohit, with a fresh vision and the same perseverance as his father, managed to retain 97% of the existing client base whilst also offering new services and bringing in new clients. Apex, alongside its clients, has set a new foundation to support its growth for the future.

Raj Kumar Maini, on 13 April 1991, founded Apex Accountancy with just a handful of clients. Under his leadership, our founding father built the practice and serviced well over 2,000 clients during his circa 30 year tenure with over 900 regular clients per year (end of 2020). The practice evolved from a local to a regional practice over time gaining a reputation for delivering an efficient, high-quality and client-focused service.

Unfortunately, Raj passed away on 9 January 2021. He is survived by a wife and two sons. The eldest son, Rohit Maini, alongside his wife, Yesha Agrawal, took over the company immediately and not only managed to retain 97% of the existing client base, but were able to diversify and grow the business. This was only possible because the wider Apex team was able to rally together and continue to service the clients.

Now, with a new vision and energy, the Apex team is looking forward to building on the solid foundations set for itself whilst never forgetting the passion and dedication of its founder. The aim is to build upon his legacy and continue to deliver bespoke and tailored services to an ever growing client base.

For Apex, Business is Personal because the team understands what it takes to build a successful business.


To provide outstanding and comprehensive financial services to our clients and help them cultivate long-term success.

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

To create an open and collaborative working environment that encourages our staff to grow and build key skill sets.

To contribute to our wider community through our CSR initiatives and recognise that our skill sets are valuable to those in need.


To be recognised as the accounting firm of choice for providing high-quality and comprehensive financial services to individuals and SMEs.

To be synonymous with expertise, friendliness, trust and empathy.

Our Values

We believe that nothing is more valuable than trust, especially as your business partner. The first step in building trust is to operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency. At Apex, we take this very seriously as this is the foundation of all of our business relationships.

At Apex, we appreciate problems that can come in all shapes and sizes. We consistently work with you to find out-of-the-ordinary solutions to navigate your business towards success. Our experience, technology, and perseverance enable us to overcome challenges and devise methods that serve you best.

Being a family-run business, we do not see you as just a “client”, we consider ourselves as part of your team and remain passionate about turning your business goals into reality.

We are committed to delivering outstanding service which can come in the form of efficient turnaround times, technology-led solutions or keeping up to date with the ever changing rules. At Apex, our focus is on quality as we appreciate the impact of our advice on our clients.